Intelligence has arrived:

Samsung’s QLED 8K TV uses AI to upscale your viewing experience

Dramatic detail

With a screen resolution four times higher than 4K and 16 times higher than Full HD – Samsung QLED 8K delivers the sharpest picture on the market. Its AI-powered upscaling technology analyses the source video and recreates accurate information about each pixel, so it can upscale every detail to 8K resolution making everything on the screen more immersive. That makes it the ideal companion when settling down to watch a movie or TV programme on your favourite streaming service.

Whether you’re watching 4K films or Full HD shows, Samsung’s 8K AI Upscaling takes the source material and intelligently enhances it to 8K quality. The algorithm analyses whatever is on-screen and creates accurate information based on each and every pixel, producing images with a level of detail not seen on any other TV: sharper edges, reduced noise and pin-sharp precision.


Stream some 4K HDR content and things get even better. Samsung’s industry-leading brightness levels of HDR 4000 delivers unimaginable depth and detail. HDR10+ technology kicks in, analysing and adjusting colour and brightness settings on a frame-by-frame basis to give the picture extra punch, contrast and colour depth – another step towards picture quality that sucks you right into the action.

“Samsung QLED 8K provides a clear, detailed image in any conditions”

Sporting excellence

With the highest brightness of any television launched to date, backlit technology for deep contrast and 100% colour volume, Samsung QLED 8K provides a clear, detailed image in any conditions – even with sunlight streaming through the window.

So if you’re settling down to watch football, cricket or golf during the day, there’s no need to transform your living room into a gloomy cave to enjoy all the sporting action.


All the while, Samsung’s One Connect box and no-gap wall mount mean you won’t be distracted by off-screen clutter. A single, slim, optical cable carrying power and all AV signals runs from the One Connect Box to the QLED 8K TV, banishes the unsightly cable spaghetti, while the no-gap wall mount means the slim TV screen sits almost flush with your wall, blending into your decor when not in use. With the Premium One Remote, you get a stylish intuitive remote that controls all compatible multimedia devices, removing the clutter from your coffee table.

“Fire up a game on your console and the TV’s Auto Game Mode will detect it”

Great for gaming, great for sound

Fire up a game on your console and the TV’s Auto Game Mode will detect it, automatically tweaking the image settings for ultimate, lag-free responsiveness. This mode even supports variable refresh rates matching exactly what your console is outputting for slick, smooth motion – no matter how fast the game.


The Samsung QLED 8K TV’s intelligence can enhance much more than just the image quality. Take its flexible approach to sound, for instance: the TV’s intelligent engine will continuously analyse the on-screen content and tweak audio performance to suit it. If you’re watching a character-driven drama, dialogue might be prioritised; if you’re deep in the latest action-packed video game release things will be tuned for bombast and impact.

AI also powers the TV’s voice assistant, which helps you change the channel, adjust the volume or choose content simply by asking. Essential if your hands are otherwise occupied with a controller…